Four people were arrested late Wednesday/early Thursday on a drug search, including one woman who was not interested in being arrested, authorities said.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Narcotics Agent James Wall, along with fellow Narcotics Agent Dalton Rinehart, Deputy David Kilby and Madisonville Narcotics Agent David Wear, made three arrests at a Wilson Station Road home Wednesday night but returned to the home early Thursday after learning a woman had given them a false name, according to investigators.

Wall said when they arrived back at the house, investigators saw a woman sitting in the driver’s seat of an SUV in the driveway. Rinehart and Wear said they saw the woman reach aggressively into her bra and began to rev the engine loudly.

Wear showed his badge, identified himself and told the woman to show her hands. Instead, the woman allegedly put the SUV in gear, backed up and almost hit Wear’s vehicle, before putting the SUV in drive, fleeing across the yard, almost hitting Kilby before striking a pole and then making it onto the roadway.

Wall said Wear pursued the SUV onto Mecca Pike, where the woman abruptly came to a stop and surrendered. The woman was identified as Tiffany Nicole Turpin, 31, Phillips Road, Madisonville, and a search of her turned up an empty pseudoephedrine blister pack and three suspected marijuana joints, investigators said.

A search of the vehicle turned up a glass pipe with residue on it, syringes, tubing and a jar of clear liquid. A bag that Turpin had allegedly tossed out of the vehicle during the chase was found and contained bottles of clear liquid, a cold pack and a bottle of suspected sodium hydroxide.

Wall said Turpin declined to speak without a lawyer present. She was charged with evading arrest, tampering with evidence, reckless endangerment, intent to manufacture meth, simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Earlier that night, Wall said Wayne Edmond Sloan, 57, Wilson Station Road, Madisonville; Clifford Allen Watkins, 55, Wilson Station Road, Madisonville; and Michelle Ann March, 47, Wilson Station Road, Madisonville, had all been arrested at the house.

Sloan was charged with possession of meth for resale and possession of drug paraphernalia after the alleged drug was found his pocket and bedroom. Syringes and baggies were also found in his pocket.

Watkins was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after two spoons with residue on them, two cut straws with residue on them, cottons and a baggie with residue in it were all found in an outbuilding he was living in, according to investigators.

March was charged with simple possession of Alprazolam and possession of drug paraphernalia after the pills and a glass pipe with residue in it and syringes were found in her bedroom.

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