A Monroe County man was found guilty of killing his father by a Monroe County Jury last week.

The killing happened in December 2015 and the following February a Monroe County Grand Jury returned the charge of first-degree murder against Robert Charles Atkins.

Atkins, 23, Greenhill Road, Madisonville, was charged in the death of his father, Charles Ray Taylor. Atkins was already in jail on a charge of disorderly conduct when he was indicted.

Atkins was given a life sentence, meaning he will be eligible for parole in 2072, according to the 10th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Assistant District Attorney Sheri Taylor prosecuted the case and thanked the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for their help in the case.

The body of Taylor, 46, Athens, was found around 2:30 p.m. on Dec. 26, 2015, when the owner of a house that had been damaged by fire several years prior went to check on the property. Taylor had been reported missing on Dec. 20.

The owner told Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Blankenship he had not been to the house in about four weeks and when he drove up the driveway, he saw what looked like a body on the left side of the driveway.

The owner said he got out of his car and touched the body on the ankle but did not get a response. A picture was then taken to show law enforcement.

Blankenship said he and Cpl. Michael Cansler walked up the driveway and found the body of Taylor. According to Blankenship, Taylor was wearing blue jeans, a green jacket and orange shoes. He also noted that parts of the jacket were laying around the body.

Atkins maintained his innocence throughout the case and trial, but in the end, the jury sided with the state.

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