A Madisonville-area man has been charged with rape nearly a year after the alleged crime happened.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Detective Jason Fillyaw said he arrested Randy Lee Wilcox Jr. after a rape kit assembled at the time of the alleged assault was returned to the Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 8.

Fillyaw said deputies talked to the alleged victim on Aug. 15, 2018, just before 9 p.m. after she was dropped off at the Krystal on Highway 411 in Madisonville. She told the deputies she had gone to Wilcox’s residence on Cedar Lane Road, where she admitted she was trying to buy drugs.

The woman said Wilcox did a “shot of drugs” and passed out. She said he woke up later and demanded to know why she had the cops at his house even though there were no police around.

She said Wilcox eventually punched her in the head twice, then they left together in a car and Wilcox eventually stopped the car and allegedly raped her. She said he then let her out in an area he described as either Bethlehem Road or Scenic View Road. She said she began walking and was eventually picked up and driven to the Krystal.

Fillyaw said the woman was taken to Sweetwater Hospital, where he ordered for a sexual assault kit to be done and then taken to TBI for processing. It took nearly a year to be finished, but the test did show Wilkins’ DNA.

Wilkins, 39, was charged with rape and is also charged with assault by domestic violence, driving on a revoked license second offense and violation of probation in other cases.

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