A Loudon woman, who called 911 several times before law enforcement found her, was arrested early Friday morning.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Moses said it was around 4 a.m. when he was sent to Povo Road on a call of a vehicle being taken without permission by a Brandi Brooke Manuel Sloan.

Moses said he was familiar with the female because she had called 911 earlier saying motorcycles with their headlights off were chasing her. Deputies could not find Sloan then, and when she called and said she was stuck on the side of Griffith Branch Road, deputies once against could not find her.

This time, Moses said dispatch tracked Sloan’s phone to a house on Griffith Branch Road, but when Moses arrived at the house, the man there told him Sloan had been there but she was gone.

A few hours later, Moses said the man called and said Sloan had taken a car belonging to another man without permission. Moses said he was on Povo Road later and spotted Sloan driving the car.

Moses said Sloan flashed the car’s headlights at him and then pulled up beside his patrol car and told him motorcycles with their lights off were chasing her. There was no one else on the highway, and Moses told her to pull over to the side of the road.

Moses said he walked up to Sloan’s car door and saw she had an approximately 1-year-old child sitting in her lap and no sign of a child restraint device anywhere in the car. The officer asked Sloan about the child, and she allegedly said she knew she should not be driving with the child in such a way, but she had to get away from the house because others were shooting.

Moses said he ran a check on Sloan’s license and found that it was suspended. He then asked her if she had taken any narcotics since she said she kept seeing motorcycles that were not there. Sloan allegedly said she had not, but Moses told her he was arresting her for the suspended license and the child not being properly restrained.

When he searched her, Moses said he found a small baggie with a white powder in it in Sloan’s front pocket. The powder was suspected to be meth.

Moses said the guy the car belonged to did not want to press charges. When Sloan got to the jail, a more thorough search was conducted and another baggie of suspected meth was found in her underwear.

Sloan, 36, Huff Ferry Road, Loudon, was charged with possession of meth, driving on a suspended license, reckless endangerment and introduction of contraband into a penal facility.

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