An Athens man was arrested early Monday after he was found in possession of alleged heroin, according to authorities.

Sweetwater Police Officer Kris King said Officer Suzanne Ward went to a house on Grant Street and talked to Charmin Jones, who said a man named Christopher Moser and two other people had been in her house around 6:05 a.m. Jones said she went to the bathroom and came back out to find Moser and her purse gone and her front door open.

Jones said her purse was blue and contained a cellphone, a black wallet and a pink makeup bag. She also said there were various bank cards and identification cards in the wallet.

Jones described Moser as being 37 years old and wearing blue jeans and a possible white hoodie.

King said he was driving on Oakland Road around 6:30 a.m. when he saw a man walking who matched the description. King said he stopped the man and identified him as Moser. King said Moser had his hands in the pocket of the hoodie and it was bulging.

King asked Moser if he could see what was in the hoodie pocket and Moser said he could and King pulled out a 35 mm film container, a pink makeup bag and several other items. Moser told King he could look in the film container and bag, but that they did not belong to him. He said a man at Jones’ house had told him he could have them.

In the film container, King said he found several corner-cut baggies containing small amounts of white powder. King said, in his experience, the powder was meth. Moser told him the container had been in the pink bag.

According to arrest warrants, King asked Moser if he had any syringes in the bag and Moser said there was one. King said he looked in the bag and found the syringe, some loose change, women’s jewelry and a small, brown glass container with three fourths of an unknown liquid.

King then asked for and received permission to search a backpack Moser was carrying, finding a black wallet containing a cellphone and personal information about Jones. He also allegedly found a glass pipe and a straw in the backpack.

King tested the white powder in the bags and it came back as meth, but there was not enough of it to send off to the lab. King said the liquid in the brown bottle tested positive as heroin.

Moser, 35, Anton Street, Athens, was charged with simple possession of heroin, theft under $1,000 and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jones’ items were returned to her, police said.

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