An Oak Ridge man who had allegedly made some threats had to be chased down before he could be arrested March 17.

It started March 15 when Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy David Kilby talked to a woman on Lovin Farm Road who said she had an order of protection against Michael Ownby, but she had been receiving phone calls saying he was going to fight her husband and, after the fight, he was going to rape her.

She told Kilby that Ownby drove to the end of her driveway and stopped, then left and called her, saying he was going to her mother’s house. He then called again and said he was on Knob Road.

The woman said she went to check on someone who is blind and while she was on her way she met Ownby on Harrison Road. He then allegedly told her she was going to get in his truck with him to make things right, but she had already called law enforcement and he left.

Kilby said while he was talking to the woman, Ownby called her cellphone. The woman put the phone on speaker and Kilby heard the caller allegedly say he wanted to meet the woman to make things better.

Kilby said he asked the caller if he was Michael Ownby and the caller said he wasn’t going to answer that.

Kilby said the order of protection has been in place since last December, but Ownby has called the woman and her husband, threatening to put the husband in the hospital and kill him.

A couple of days later, Ownby was allegedly back at it again as Deputy Billy Carson was sent out after Ownby had been reported at the woman’s home on Lovin Farm Road.

While Carson was talking to the woman, Ownby called the woman and said he was coming to the house, not knowing law enforcement was there.

Carson said he and Sgt. Ray Haynes parked at the end of the driveway and soon saw a blue Ford Ranger heading their way. Once the driver of the truck saw the patrol cars, Carson said he turned around and took off.

Carson and Haynes gave chase and Carson said he attempted to trap the car in a ditch, but Ownby was able to get the truck out and clipped Haynes’ cruiser on the way.

Ownby then drove onto Highway 72, made a right onto the Tellico Parkway, heading into Loudon County. Loudon County deputies were then called in to help with the chase.

Carson said Ownby drove in the wrong lane several times and passed cars on the shoulder of the road. Loudon County put down stop sticks and, when Ownby attempted to miss them, he lost control of his truck and struck a guard rail. Haynes was then able to pin him in.

Carson said Ownby was given several commands to stop, but he mashed the gas pedal in an attempt to get away. When that didn’t work, he got out of the passenger side of the truck and took off on foot.

He didn’t get far as Carson said he fell and was soon surrounded by deputies. Carson said Ownby still fought and Carson had to use a stun drive on him to get the handcuffs around his wrists.

After being read his rights, Carson said Ownby said he’d used meth about 30 minutes prior to the chase. He declined any medical treatment for any injuries suffered in the wreck.

Ownby, 37, Jasper Lane, Oak Ridge, was charged with aggravated stalking, violation of an order of protection, evading arrest, reckless driving and resisting arrest.

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