Facebook messages led to a man threatening deputies with a knife the morning of the Fourth of July.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Deputy D.J. Taylor said it was around 10 a.m. when he was sent to a house on Creek Road on a call of threats.

When Taylor arrived, he spoke to Christina Robinson, who said that Tyler Scott Lynn had been messaging her daughter on Facebook with threats of burning her house down, killing her animals and shooting them in the head.

Robinson said Lynn had sent her a picture of a brown and white pistol.

Taylor then spoke to Lynn on the phone, and Lynn allegedly said he wanted to “get this over with” and that he “did not have anything to live for anymore.”

Lynn also allegedly told Taylor that if officers came for him, they had “better bring a lot of ammunition” as he was “not being taken alive.”

Taylor said Lynn also told him he had a sniper rifle and a shotgun, but he needed to get more ammo.

He also allegedly said he was going to shoot Robinson and her family with the sniper rifle.

A couple of hours later, around 11:45 a.m., Taylor said Vonore Police Sgt. Eric Watson pulled a car Lynn was traveling in over in Vonore and while he and Deputy Billy Littleton were talking to him, Lynn allegedly pulled out a knife with a brown and white handle and pointed it at Littleton.

The officers told Lynn to drop the knife, but he refused, and the driver of the truck grabbed the knife and threw it into the backseat.

Lynn was then taken into custody, where he attempted to break the back window of a cruiser and only stopped after Littleton used the Taser on him.

Lynn, 20, Smith Road, Philadelphia, was charged with resisting an order to stop/arrest.

The driver of the truck told officers that Lynn was hiding a rifle at his mother’s house, and Littleton did find a rifle with a scope on it that could be used as a sniper rifle.

Lynn was also charged with aggravated assault, vandalism and solicitation of a person under 18 from an earlier unwanted appearance at the Robinson house.

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