A Madisonville mother who tampered with evidence showing her husband allegedly sexually abused her daughter was sentenced to four years in Monroe County Criminal Court last week.

Christina Pruitt, 39, Manis Road, Madisonville, will have to serve 60 days before she is eligible for parole. Her husband, Randall, 42, was also in court. He had a trial date of April 23 set for three charges of rape. He will have a hearing on a charge of tampering with evidence on Feb. 24.

Randall Pruitt has been in jail since January, unable to make his $2 million bond.

The two are part of a case that claims a Madisonville teenager suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of Randall Pruitt, her adoptive father, before she finally found a man online who promised to help her and took her to Wisconsin, where he also sexually abused her.

It hasn’t been revealed what the evidence was or how either Pruitt allegedly tampered with it.

The indictment stated the couple “did unlawfully and knowing that an investigation or official proceeding was pending or in progress, alter, destroy or conceal any record, document or thing with intent to impair its verity, legibility or availability as evidence in the investigation.”

The father was arrested in January after he and the mother had asked for help in locating their 14 year old daughter who had disappeared in the middle of that month.

The duo held a press conference at the Monroe County Jail before the father was arrested a few days later.

The girl was eventually found in Wisconsin in the home of Bryan Rogers, 31, who was also arrested in Wisconsin and charged with two counts of knowingly transporting the teen across state lines for the purpose of committing sexual assault of a child as well as persuading the minor to engage in sexual conduct for the purpose of capturing it on video, then transporting the video across state lines and lying to the FBI about not having any in-person contact with the teen.

Rogers also ended up pleading guilty and was given 11 ¼ years in jail and will be on probation for 15 years after that.



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