Sweetwater Police arrested two juveniles last week after they were allegedly involved in a string of thefts.

Officer Kris King said it started around 10:30 a.m. Thursday, when he went to Maple Street on a call of cars being burglarized. King said as he was looking for a suspect, he was waived down by a passerby who said a juvenile in a light blue hoodie was in the area.

King said he drove around and saw the juvenile in a yard on Bethel Street pick up a bucket and immediately turn and walk away. King said he circled around to the juvenile and stopped him as the people who lived in the house came out and said he had stolen the bucket and they thought he had been in their car.

King said he took the juvenile into custody, saying items found in the bucket matched items taken from the car belonging to the residents.

King said previous incidents were tied to the juvenile, including allegedly breaking into cars on McCaslin Avenue and cash, credit/debit cards, glasses and prescription were reported to have been taken.

King said the items were returned to their owners, and the juvenile was taken to the Police Department where his grandmother came to pick him up and be advised of his needing to be in Juvenile Court on March 8 on two charges of burglary of an automobile and two counts of theft.

While they were there, another woman came in to report her car had been rummaged through, but she didn’t think anything had been taken.

Later that night, Officer Brandon Cansler said he went back to the house on Bethel Street when the owner said the juvenile was back on his property, walking through other yards and looking into cars.

Cansler located the juvenile and this time placed him into the custody of the state of Tennessee.

Officer Suzanne Ward also arrested a female juvenile who was reported to have been seen with the male juvenile as he was allegedly breaking into cars. The juvenile said she had been with her sister after getting sick at school and leaving.

Ward said due to circumstances surrounding the incident, she charged the juvenile with trespassing and attempted burglary.

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