Two people were arrested on drug charges late Friday after a Sweetwater Police officer noticed one of them was wanted on outstanding warrants.

Officer Jarren Turpeinen said he stopped a white Pontiac Bonneville just before 11 p.m. after seeing James Hill in the car and knowing he was wanted. Turpeinen said Jimmy McElroy was also in the car.

Turpeinen asked McElroy if he could search him and McElroy said he could. According to arrest warrants, the search turned up a canister that contained a marijuana roach clip.

The officer then asked Hill if there was anything illegal in the car and Hill said there was not and told Turpeinen that he could look if he wanted. To keep things on the straight and narrow, Turpeinen said he officially asked Hill if he could search the car and Hill said yes.

While searching the car, Turpeinen found a hidden compartment between the gear shift and the center console. Inside was a pill bottle that contained a crystal-like substance that field tested as meth.

Turpeinen said there were also multiple pills that were identified as Alprazolam, Clonazepam and Hydrocodone. Neither man would take ownership of the pills or the suspected meth.

Since neither man would claim ownership of the alleged drugs, both Hill, 57, Highway 68, Sweetwater, and McElroy, 63, County Road 356, Sweetwater, were charged with possession of meth, possession of Alprazolam, possession of Clonazepam and possession of Hydrocodone.

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