An employee of a Sweetwater painting business has been charged with robbing a client’s home after several items turned up missing.

Sweetwater Police Officer Robert Burris said on Feb. 25 he went to a home on Cloverhill Drive and talked to Charlotte Harvey. According to Burris, Harvey said someone had broken into her house and taken several items, including three televisions, a mirror, jewelry and a painting.

Harvey told Burris the house is for sale and the only people who had access to it were herself, her son and realtor Bill Howe. Burris said he talked to Howe, who told him he had shown the house a week earlier and had not noticed anything missing.

Harvey said she was not currently living in the house. When Burris looked around, he said he noticed a pry mark on the front door, cleaning bottles left out on the floor and clothes that had been gone through.

Detective Kevin Watson was given the case and he found that Worley Brothers Painting had been at the house doing pressure washing and painting. He also found out that the workers had been given a key code to the house.

Watson said he went online and found that Adam Worley’s girlfriend, Wendy Kincel, had pawned jewelry at two different pawn shops in Sweetwater.

Watson said he showed Harvey pictures of the jewelry and she said it was her missing jewelry.

Worley and Kincel were both found and read their rights, then questioned separately. Worley told officers that someone had given him the jewelry and asked if his girlfriend could pawn it. Worley also described the TVs that were missing, investigators said.

But according to investigators, when officers questioned Kincel, she said Worley had given her the jewelry to pawn and did not make mention of anybody else.

Worley, 27, Old Highway 68, Sweetwater, was charged with aggravated burglary and theft over $1,000.

Kincel, 34, Old Highway 68, Sweetwater, was charged with accessory after the fact and possession of stolen property.

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