Morgan Cox was recently named the new University of Tennessee Ag Extension Agent in charge of 4-H youth development in Monroe County.

She was hired on March 2 to fill a position that had been available for two years.

Cox was previously involved in 4-H and is looking forward to overseeing a program she was previously a part of.

“I’m excited, this is something that i have thought about for a really long time,” said Cox.

“It is a program that I’ve been involved with for most of my life, so I am definitely excited to be involved with it still.”

Her involvement with the 4-H program started when she was in the fourth grade.

“I was in all through high school and even after I graduated I still volunteered and went to several events,” said Cox. “I fell in love with it when I was a kid and I wanted to continue being involved in it.”

She believes that her biggest asset to helping in her new career is her experience growing up on a farm.

“I had a lot of livestock experience and that is definitely a big part of the job,” said Cox.

“I guess my farm agriculture background has definitely been the biggest help.”

Helping students discover their passion is what she is looking forward to the most in her career.

“Getting involved with the kids, the youth programs and helping them get involved with things that they like and that they are passionate about and just helping them grow is what I am looking forward to most,” said Cox.

Her current work consists of meeting with the classes from the fourth to sixth grades of schools in her area and promoting the 4-H summer camp.

She attended the Loudon County School System from Pre-K until she graduated high school.

From there she went to the University of Tennessee where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Business.

Her hobbies consist of riding horses, training horses, playing tennis, being involved in livestock shows and going to agriculture events.

“I am excited to get started and learn about the position,” said Cox.

4-H Extension Agent and County Director Greg Austin said he believes Cox will be a good addition.

“We are excited to have her,” said Austin.

“This position has been available for two years and she was interested so we are very excited and happy that she is here working.”

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