A man who was arrested for indecent exposure in Sweetwater was allegedly at it again Saturday afternoon.

Sweetwater Office James Willett said he went to the Tastee King Donut on Main Street a few minutes past 2:30 p.m. and talked to an employee, who said a man came into the store around 2 p.m., ordered a doughnut and coffee and sat down at a corner booth.

The employee said the man stayed in the booth even though the store closes at 2 p.m. on Saturdays. The employee asked the man if he could leave since they should have closed 30 minutes earlier, and he said he wanted to stay 10 more minutes.

The employee alleged the man was wearing shorts and he turned toward her and reached up into his shorts and exposed himself to her.

The employee said she became frightened and yelled at the man to leave, which he did.

Willett said he looked at surveillance photos from the store and identified the man as Scott Itson, who had been arrested a week prior for allegedly exposing himself to an employee at Walgreens.

Itson was found in a trailer in Valley Trailer Park the next day by Officer Daniel Johnson, who saw him sitting inside through a window. Johnson said Itson has been banned from the trailer park, so in addition to the indecent exposure charge, he was also charged with trespassing and then with violating the sex offender registry as he reportedly moved without informing anyone.

Itson, 54, was a registered sex offender with an emphasis on public indecent exposure.

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