While doing an extra patrol around a car wash early Wednesday morning, Vonore Police Officer James Fischer arrested a Maryville man on burglary charges.

Fischer said it was around 4 a.m. when he went to check on the car wash behind Hardees as it had been broken into a couple of times recently. When he pulled up to the car wash, Fischer said he saw a silver Dodge Dart parked inside one of the bays close to a storage area.

According to the police report, there was a man in the driver’s seat of the vehicle and another man standing outside the car at the rear door. When Fischer stopped, he said the man outside of the car got into the backseat.

Fischer said he asked the man in the backseat to get out and come towards him, which he did. Fischer then asked the man what they were doing in the car wash at such an odd hour and the man allegedly said they were "shooting dope."

While talking to the man, later identified as John Thomas Garland III, 23, Happy Valley Road, Maryville, Fischer said he noticed the safety metal plate on the door to the storage area had been pried open.

Fischer read Garland his rights and Garland agreed to talk to him. Fischer asked him if he had pried open the door and Garland allegedly admitted he had. Fischer asked if he could search Garland and Garland consented, with the search turning up a screwdriver, a syringe and a head lamp on his hat.

Fischer said he then searched the car and found a backpack with tools that could be used in a burglary in the passenger floorboard and bolt cutters in the truck.

Garland was arrested and charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The driver of the car, William Frederick Mudd Jr., 41, Lake Vista Drive, Greenback, was searched and a small baggie of a crystal substance was found in his right sock. Mudd was cited into court for simple possession of meth.

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