A confidential informant helped law enforcement officers make an arrest of a Sweetwater man on drug charges last week.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Agent Dalton Rinehart said he, along with Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Agent James Wall, Sweetwater Narcotics Officer Marty Kyle and Madisonville Narcotics Agent David Wear, met with the informant on March 5 and saw messages on the informant’s phone that seemed to indicate Avery Bradley was willing to sell him “balls for 100.”

Rinehart said the informant was searched to make sure he or she had no drugs or money, then officers equipped him or her with a recording device and had them go to the Motel 6 in Sweetwater to buy an “eight ball” for $100 from Bradley.

Officers followed the informant to the motel, making sure the informant did not stop anywhere along the way, and then sat and watched as Bradley got into the informant’s car and allegedly sold 3.5 grams of a crystal substance in a plastic baggie to the informant. The substance later tested as being meth, investigators said.

Rinehart said Bradley asked the informant to drive him to a store across the road and as soon as Bradley stepped out of the vehicle, officers moved in and arrested him. The informant then drove to another location and handed over the suspected meth.

According to Rinehart, Bradley was read his rights and he then admitted he was selling meth to make money.

Bradley, 42, was charged with sale and delivery of meth over a half gram.

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