A Madisonville man was arrested early Wednesday after he allegedly beat up a juvenile while trying to take stuff out of a house.

Madisonville Patrolman Daniel Martin said he and Detective Scott Hicks went to a house on Oak Grove Road on the call and found the juvenile sitting on the front steps, holding his head.

Martin said he left Hicks with the juvenile and he walked around back where he saw a man run out the back door. Martin said he told the man to stop and get on the ground. The man did stop, but he did not get on the ground, so Martin said he took the man to the ground and handcuffed him, according to arrest warrants.

Martin took the man, identified as Larry Lee Anthony Holtzclaw, 36, back around the house and the juvenile told them he and Holtzclaw lived in the house and Holtzclaw came to his room wanting to trade stuff, saying he would exchange meth for a jacket.

The juvenile said no and Holtzclaw allegedly offered to throw in two Xanax for the jacket, but the juvenile still said no. The juvenile said Holtzclaw began to curse him and started trying to take things out of the room.

The juvenile told Martin he got Holtzclaw out of the room and when we went upstairs to get an Xbox, Holtzclaw allegedly pushed and punched him.

The juvenile said they ended up in the kitchen where Holtzclaw allegedly threw a chair at him, punched him a few more times and hit him in the head with a Magic 8 Ball.

Martin said there was blue liquid on the juvenile’s face, the kind you would find in a Magic 8 Ball.

Holtzclaw was charged with aggravated assault of a minor.

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