Bald River Falls will not be closing down anytime soon.

Reports had recently circulated that a bridge at Bald River Falls would be undergoing renovations and would require the closure of roads.

District Ranger Stephanie Bland stated that a project for the bridge is underway, however contrary to the rumors the project would not be occurring in the immediate future.

“There is a project that will probably commence in spring of 2021 to remove the 90 year old bridge and put a new bridge there,” said Bland.

She added there is expected to be a road closure during the time the project would be underway.

“There will have to be some closure of the Tellico River Road for six to eight months (estimated) in order to construct the bridge,” said Bland.

She, along with other officials, have a theory as to what may have started the rumors.

“Our environmental analysis that we are doing is posted on our website and it has a March 2020 date for our environmental analysis for the project,” said Bland. “The actual ground breaking date for the project was not posted, so we are assuming that someone got a hold of that date and they used that to say that we are actually starting the work in March of 2020 and that the bridge would be taken down at that point, but that is just inaccurate.”

She stated that they would reveal information to the media, along with other ways of delivering information to people, before work on the project officially begins.

“We will be trying to get some of that information out so that people aren’t caught off guard,” said Bland. “We will do our best to get that information out ahead of time to as many people as we can.”

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