A Philadelphia woman was arrested March 18 after she allegedly passed out in a car with kids in it.

Madisonville Police Officer Adam Russell said he and other officers were sent to the Willow Creek Apartment complex in Madisonville at midnight on a call of the woman slumped over the steering wheel.

Russell said when he arrived at the apartments he found a car with its lights on in front of some of the apartments and he could see a woman inside slumped over the steering wheel with several kids inside.

Russell said it took several attempts to wake the woman, but when she did, she “was all over the place with her story.”

Russell asked her to get out of the car and she did. While he was doing a patdown on her, he felt what seemed to be pills in her right pants pocket. Russell said the woman pulled a small baggie out of her pants pocket containing 2 ½ pills.

The woman then identified herself as Jill Annette Coker and was read her rights. She said she understood her rights and admitted she had driven to the apartments.

Russell said Coker failed several field sobriety tests, declined to be tested for alcohol and was then placed under arrest.

Russell said the gear shift of the car was in drive, though the key was turned to off. He also located a bag with a large amount of suspected marijuana in it. He said a check on Coker showed she had a suspended license due to failure to pay child support.

Coker, 40, Sunnyside Road, Philadelphia, was charged with DUI, possession of marijuana, simple possession of a schedule III narcotic and two counts of misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

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