After months of preparation, the Madisonville Mayor and Board of Aldermen accepted a bid to build a new fire hall on Oak Grove Road.

The winning bid was placed by H. L. Management Services for $444,989.76. Police and Fire Commissioner Fred Cagle said only two bids were turned in for the job and Sons Construction was the other bid at $477,527.12.

Cagle said H. L. Management Services had done work for the city in the past and they had “always done a good job.”

The new fire hall is being built with a grant and will ensure there is fire protection on both sides of the railroad tracks that split the town.

In other business, Mayor Glenn Moser said he would like board members to go and look at the remaining 20 acres in the Madisonville Industrial Park.

“I thought timbering the area (which is covered with trees) would be an option,” Moser said, “but there’s not really enough there to make it worthwhile. I’d like for the board members, when they get a chance, to go out there and see what they think could be done with it.”

Moser said he would like to form a board to deal with it, and since it concerns planning development, members of the board would not have to live inside the city limits, just within the city’s planning area.

After all the board members looked at the area, Moser said they would discuss it some more at the October meeting.

The board also voted to let the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce hold the 10th Annual Taste of Monroe around the Courthouse on Oct. 14 and to look into whether there was a way for the American Legions to hold a fundraiser roadblock without having to take out an insurance policy.

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