Cedar Fork Baptist Church turns 175 years old

This old photograph shows the early days of the Cedar Fork Baptist Church building just constructed that is still in service today. On July 28, the church will celebrate its 175th Anniversary.

Cedar Fork Baptist Church located on Sweetwater Road (Oakland Road) near the Monroe and Loudon County line is celebrating its 175th Anniversary on Sunday, July 28, at the church.

Church leaders say it is almost unheard of in this nation for an organized church to last this long. The church was established before the Civil War and is still going strong. The current Pastor is Charles “Bud” Boring.

A big 175th Anniversary celebration will be held at 10:30 a.m. on July 28 and everyone is invited. The church will receive an award from the Tennessee Baptist Convention for all its years of service to Christ, and there will be live music as well.

The church is still going strong with many members and numerous programs, including the youth program Ignite and Sparks, the student ministry of Cedar Fork, led by Youth Pastor Nick Farrell, who has attended the church since he was 5 years old.

“We’ve have many members that have been there since the current building was built (in the 1960s),” Farrell said.

According to the recorded church history, on the fourth Saturday in July 1844, Prospect Baptist Church sent a group of men to extend the arm of that church into the Cedar Fork Community. They met at Mark S. Miller’s house house on the Cedar Fork at Paint Rock Road in Roane County. The church officially became constituted in 1859. In 1863, some church meetings had to be cancelled due to the Civil War.

Nearly a century later in 1962, the current church building held its first services. The church has continued to serve the community all these years.


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