First baby 2020

Shown here is the first baby of the year in Monroe County, Ryker Waya Caraway, with his parents Erik and Kelsey.

Ryker Waya Caraway was the first baby born in 2020 at Sweetwater Hospital.

He is a healthy baby and was born weighing 6 pounds and 7.4 ounces and measured 19 and half inches long.

The family now consists of the parents, Erik and Kelsey Caraway, along with their first born child, Kyler Caraway, who is a few years older.

“We are very excited,” said both parents. “We are very surprised that he decided to come on the first.”

Due to their experience with their first child, they already knew what to prepare for.

“We had a pretty good idea of what to expect,” said Kelsey Caraway. “We already had the stuff we needed.”

The couple is originally from California, however their first son was born in Southern Missouri. That makes Ryker their first child born in Tennessee.

“We were kind of making our way across the country when we found the paradise that is East Tennessee, so we are going to have some lucky kids growing up here,” said Erik Caraway.

They have lived in Tennessee for around three and half years.

“We both grew up going to the mountains and camping and we knew we wanted a place that experienced all four seasons,” said Erik Caraway.

They believe this will be a great area for them to raise their children.

“I’m jealous that they get to grow up on the property that we are on,” said Erik Caraway. “Growing up in California we had to drive hours to get to a place even remotely close to a place like this.”

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