Three people were arrested Friday night in Sweetwater after an apparently nonsensical phone call came in to 911.

Sweetwater Officer Kelvin Franco said he went to the Roadway Inn after a phone call came in and found several other officers across the street talking to a woman identified as Brittany Smith at the Circle K across the Street.

As Franco was walking across the street, he saw two other people get out of the SUV Smith was next to and walk away. Franco said he and another officer went looking for the people and found a man identified as Nathan Cobb hiding behind a dumpster at the store.

Franco said Cobb took off running through the nearby trailer park and officers chased him, eventually catching him and engaging in a brief struggle before taking him into custody.

Franco said he then ran back across the street where another officer was stuck in a struggle with Smith. Franco said Smith appeared to be high on something and she allegedly grabbed his arm and scratched him before knocking his and another officer’s body cams onto the ground. Franco said one of the cams was broken.

Franco said Smith was eventually taken to the ground before she was put in a patrol car. The other woman who’d reportedly left the SUV, identified as Tracy Warfield, then came back and all three were read their rights before Smith gave consent to search the car.

Franco said the search turned up two bags with a crystal like substance in it believed to be meth and several other empty baggies stuffed into the bag.

Smith, 32, Hammermill Road, Athens, was charged with aggravated assault, the manufacture/sale/delivery of meth, vandalism, resisting arrest and public intoxication.

Cobb, 44, Meredith Lane, Madisonville, was charged with the manufacture/sale/delivery of meth, resisting arrest and evading arrest.

Warfield, 33, Athens, was charged with the manufacture/sale/delivery of meth.

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