A Sweetwater woman was arrested last Tuesday on charges that she abused her children and then admitted she had been doing meth.

On June 18, Sweetwater Police Officer Kelvin Franco went to an apartment on New Highway 68 on a call of someone being chased with knives and talked to a woman who said her name was Cynthia Plemons, then later admitted her name was Stephanie Plemons, according to arrest warrants.

Franco said Plemons told him someone had came into her residence through a backdoor and ran upstairs with a knife. Franco tried to get into the apartment, but the door was locked. Plemons said there was no one in the house with a key.

The landlord was called and while they were waiting, Franco noticed Plemons was holding her naked 4-month-old daughter in her arms and her 2-year-old daughter was running around on the pavement wearing only a diaper.

When the landlord arrived, Plemons asked Franco and the other officers to search the house and see if there was anyone with a knife in the house.

Franco said officers went in and found a butcher knife in a crib and a child’s room covered with white powder. The powder was collected and sent away for lab testing. When asked about it, Plemons told Franco she had taken gabapentin and hydrocodone and had done meth at some point in the near past.

The officer then went upstairs and said he found an unconscious man in a bedroom. Franco said the man had a week pulse and was not breathing. He did a sternum rub in an attempt to wake him and eventually had to use Narcan, an anti-overdose drug, to revive him.

The man was identified as France Cogdill. Franco said there were two bags of suspected meth near him.

Cogdill was taken by EMS to the hospital for treatment and Plemons, 24, was arrested and taken to jail.

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