A Lenoir City man who reportedly couldn’t drive straight in the Madisonville parking lot was arrested after several people called 911 about him Feb. 6.

Madisonville Police Officer Colby Eaton said he was sent to the store around 4:30 p.m. on a call of a driver being all over the road before turning into the store’s parking lot.

Eaton said he was looking for a gray Nissan Altima and saw one driving in the parking lot. Eaton said he talked to the complainant then and was told it was the car he had spotted and the driver was going up and down each parking lot aisle. The complainant said he tried to block the car, but had to move out of the way.

Eaton said he saw the car pull into a parking spot and went over to talk to the driver, identified as Michael Wayne Helton. Eaton said he asked Helton to step out of the car and perform some field sobriety tests. While he was doing this, Patrolman Randall Moser talked with another person who’d called about Helton’s driving and said he’d nearly hit several cars on the road.

Eaton said he placed Helton under arrest for DUI and Helton refused to cooperate anymore after that, refusing to take any intoxication tests.

Eaton said a search of the car then turned up a bottle of Alprazolam pills that had been filled the day before in Helton’s name, but while the pill count on the label was 90, Eaton said there were only 31 pills in the bottle.

Eaton said he learned several other people had called about Helton’s driving on the highway and one said he’d nearly been hit by Helton near the Food City in Vonore.

For his part, Helton told Eaton he’d come down I-75 to Monroe County and hadn’t been anywhere near Vonore.

Helton, 41, Hillcrest Drive, Lenoir City, was charged with DUI and implied consent violation.

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