A Wisconsin man has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of Madisonville teenager who was found in his home last week.

Bryan Rogers, 31, was arrested by Wisconsin Department of Justice Special Agent James Pertzborn after it was allegedly found he had received a video of the missing teenager allegedly being raped by her adoptive father, Randall Pruitt.

In an affadavit filed by Pertzborn in Wisconsin, the agent said the investigation led them to Rogers, who lives with his mother. According to court papers, the suspect told investigators he had been communicating with the girl but had been communicating with the teenager through a game called Roblox and she had sent him the video, but he had never met her and hadn’t traveled to Tennessee to meet her.

Pertzborn said he returned to the home later that night and searched the house and found the girl hiding in a closet in the basement where Rogers lives.

Pertzborn said Rogers was then arrested and admitted he had been communicating with the girl through Facebook and an encrypted messaging service as well as the game.

According to investigators, Rogers said he told the girl to videotape the abuse as proof and she did and emailed it to him. Rogers said the video was blurry but it showed a “full blown rape.”

Rogers allegedly then admitted he did not show the video to law enforcement officers as he thought it wouldn’t hold up in court and that he did go down and pick up the girl. He said he avoided any area or business that might have video cameras in the 700-mile drive back to Wisconsin.

Pertzborn said they found records of online chats that seemed to more or less back up most of what Rogers told them, including the girl telling him she had been abused by her stepfather for 12 years.

Pertzborn said law enforcement officials found the video on Rogers' computer and it did show an adult man appearing to rape the girl.

Rogers was arrested and charged with knowingly and intentionally persuading a minor in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing a visual depiction of the act.

The Madisonville teenager was reported missing on Jan. 14. A national search took place before she was located on Thursday.

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