A husband and wife have been charged with custodial interference and making a false report to investigators after they allegedly harbored a missing 15-year-old Sweetwater girl then lied to authorities about it.

The girl’s father, Charles Carver, who had legal custody of the girl, reported that she left his house in a dark-colored car on Jan. 29. Sweetwater Police began a well-publicized search for the teenager, working with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).

Early on, SPD said they had good leads as to where the girl could be. The father had told police that the car his daughter left in looked like his ex-wife’s car.

SPD Detective John Scruggs interviewed the missing girl’s mother, Kimberly M. Carver, and her husband, Charles Palmer, early on in the case. According to arrest warrants, Kimberly Carver had a standing court order from 2013 to not have any contact with the girl.

Scruggs said both Kimberly Carver and Palmer told officers they did not know where the missing girl was. Kimberly Carver allegedly said he had been in contact with the girl but had repeatedly stated she did not know her location, Scruggs said.

Scruggs said working with TBI, it was discovered the missing girl was at an apartment in Decatur and that Kimberly Carver and Palmer had known her location the entire time she was missing. SPD announced on Friday evening that she had been found and was safe.

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