A Madisonville area man was arrested on Sunday afternoon when he dialed 911 for no reason, then refused to cooperate with deputies, according to authorities.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Samantha Filley said it was around 1:15 p.m. when she was sent to a home on Highway 411 to respond to a call. When Filley reached the house, she talked to Benny Earl Stinnett, 61, who said he could not tell her why he had called 911, according to arrest warrants.

Filley said Stinnett then told her he called because he pays his taxes. Filley told him that was not a valid reason to call 911, and he allegedly told her to take him to jail then.

Filley said she decided to honor his request, but Stinnett had apparently changed his mind and refused to put his hands behind his back. Filley said Cpl. Tillman Steele, who had arrived on the scene, forced Stinnett to the ground where Stinnett then allegedly locked his arms around Filley’s legs.

Filley said Steele used a stun gun on Stinnett in the side and he let go with one arm, but kept the other one in place. Filley herself then stunned Stinnett in the chest, and he let go with the other arm and they were able to get the handcuffs on him.

Filley said Stinnett was uncooperative on the way to a transport vehicle, but they did get him inside the car. Stinnett was charged with misuse of 911 and resisting arrest.

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