A woman was arrested on May 7 after she allegedly set her father’s car on fire and inadvertently burned down his house.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Detective Jason Filyaw said he went to Old Sweetwater Road just before 3 p.m. on a call of a car fire and was told, before he arrived, that the fire had spread to the house, and that it had been intentionally set.

When he arrived at the house, Filyaw said he met with Keith Wilson, who said his daughter Portia Wilson had spent the night at the house. Wilson told Filyaw he and his daughter began arguing earlier that day and that he told her to leave the house. Not long after that, Wilson's son came in and told him that his car was on fire.

Filyaw said he talked to Wilson’s wife, Loretta, and she confirmed the argument inside the house, but said she did not see what had happened outside.

Filyaw said he talked with Wilson’s son who said he took Portia’s things out to her and did see her trying to use a cigarette lighter to set a cigarette pack on fire while standing beside their father’s car.

The son said he put Portia’s things in her car and saw her walking toward him with nothing in her hands before she got in her car and left. The son said he then noticed his father’s car was on fire.

Filyaw said the house and car were both total losses and four people were inside the house when the fire started.

Portia Wilson, 25, B Street, Lenoir City, was charged with aggravated arson.

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