A motorcycle with an expletive in place of a license plate led officers on a high-speed chase on July 18.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Narcotics Agent Dalton Rinehart said he was patrolling the area around Notchey Creek Church around 4 p.m. with Vonore Police Detective Cory Fritts when they saw a blue sport bike turn onto Tellico Highway from New Highway 68.

Rinehart said the bike stood out because instead of a license plate, an obscene phrase had been written where the tag should be.

Rinehart attempted to stop the bike, turning on his lights and sirens, but the rider looked back at him, then sped down Tellico Highway, according to the arrest warrants.

Rinehart gave chase at speeds up to 100 mph before the rider turned onto Old Store Road then onto Rocky Springs Road and then onto Federal Trail, almost causing several wrecks along the way.

The rider then turned into a field and rode for a short distance before coming to a stop. Rinehart said he came up to the bike and made contact with its rear tire in an attempt the keep the rider from fleeing again, but it did not work as the driver took off into the wood line and promptly wrecked.

The rider then got up and took off running, Rinehart said, and he and Fritts gave chase for about 100 yards before Fritts tackled him to the ground.

Rinehart said the rider, identified as Steven “Dirty” Sloan, was taken into custody. A look at the bike then showed it had spray paint on the VIN and a punched out ignition. Rinehart sanded the paint off the VIN, ran the number and it came back as having been stolen from Jefferson County.

Sloan, 30, Griffith Branch Road, Madisonville, was charged with felony evading arrest, felony reckless endangerment, driving on a suspended license, theft over $1,000, altering a serial number and several traffic violations.

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