A Sweetwater police officer was allegedly rammed by a suspect he was chasing late Wednesday night.

Patrolman Justin White said it was around 10:30 p.m. when he saw a car swerve out of its lane near the Plaza 68 Shopping Center. White said he ran a check on the license plate and found the car was reported not to have insurance.

White said the car was turning into the O’Reilly Auto Parts parking lot when he turned on his lights and sirens, but the car kept going.

White followed the car onto Main Street, through town and onto Oakland Road, where the driver briefly lost control, then continued toward the interstate, according to police.

The car then turned onto the north bound ramp, according to White, and the driver lost control again, spinning around to face him. White said he stopped his car but the driver accelerated toward him, striking his car and disabling it.

White said Sgt. Daniel Johnson and Patrolman Chris Corona continued the pursuit, finding the car wrecked and taking two people into custody.

The driver was identified as Rachel Rebecca Bradfield and the passenger as Christopher Lee Oden. White said he read Bradfield her rights but she agreed to talk to him, saying the reason she ran was because Oden told her he was wanted by police and not to stop.

White said a pill later identified as Hydrocodone was found on Oden and a check showed Bradfield’s license had been revoked.

Bradfield, 33, Stansberry Street, Athens, was charged with driving on a revoked license, evading arrest, vehicular assault on an officer, leaving the scene of an accident with damage and not having insurance.

Oden, 37, County Road 110, Athens, was charged with simple possession of Hydrocodone.

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