The Monroe County Board of Education is set to vote and decide on a new director of schools on Thursday night, but rumors are circulating about whether or not one board member should be allowed to cast a vote.

The Advocate & Democrat heard an allegation on Tuesday afternoon that 1st District board member Faye Green had moved outside of Monroe County, thus outside of her jurisdiction as a representative on the Board of Education.

Green says she is, however, still a resident of Monroe County and while there is a possibility she will move to Loudon in the near future, she remains a legal resident of the 1st District.

“I receive my mail there, I pay my taxes there and I pay my utilities there,” Green told The Advocate & Democrat on Wednesday.

According to Green, she has lived at her current resident of 250 Knob Crossing in Madisonville, which the Monroe County Election Commission confirmed falls in the 1st District, for 31 years.

Green said she is currently in the process of getting her house ready to sell and will be moving to Loudon County once she sells the house in Monroe County.

“Two of my grandchildren are there and for once in our lives, my husband and I will be able to spend time daily with our grandchildren,” said Green. “Never before have we been able to do that with a son and grandchildren in Oak Ridge and a daughter and grandchildren in Loudon.”

Green's son, Aaron, will be her real estate agent during the process.

“He has given me a list of things to do to my house to make it marketable for him to sell,” said Green. “For several months, I have been working on his suggestions. My house is not currently in real estate hands. It probably will not be ready to list for several weeks, possibly months.”

Green believes the rumors of her having already moved stemmed from the posts she has made on Facebook recently of items for sale in preparation of the future move.

“I have been spending every waking minute these past few months working at my house in Monroe County,” Green noted. “I am not even close to having our house ready to list for sale at this time. But I am working on it. I do not own any property in Loudon County and never will since we will be renting instead of buying.”

Green said she understands that once her house in Monroe County does sell and she moves out of county permanently that she will no longer be eligible to serve on the Monroe County Board of Education.

“If and when that time comes, I will resign my School Board position if my current term has not already ended,” she added. “The opposition is trying to discredit my residence in hopes of disqualifying my upcoming vote for the director of schools.”

The Board of Education will meet in a called meeting on Thursday (June 20) at 6:30 p.m. in the boardroom of Central Office to select the new director of schools. Three contestants remain in contention for the position—Robert Hooper, DeAnna McClendon and Phillip Swanson.

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