Youth and alcohol were a bad combination for a Vonore man last Tuesday.

On June 18, Madisonville Patrolman Tyler Bryson said he was sent to the Walmart on Highway 411 on a call of man trying to start a fight in the parking lot near the garden section.

Bryson said he was told to look for a Mustang. Instead, he found two of them with multiple people standing around the vehicles talking. The officer said he talked to everyone there, but they all said they did not know anything about a fight.

While Bryson was there, he noticed a man with an open container of alcohol. Bryson said the man identified himself as Shaine Armstrong and admitted he was drinking, but he was not driving. His friend told Bryson that he would be taking him home.

The officer told Armstrong that he is not supposed to have open alcohol in a public place and that when he returned from talking to the person who had made the call about the fight, the container needed to be gone.

Bryson said he went to the Save-A-Lot parking lot and talked to the complainant to get a better description of the man who had allegedly tried to fight him. The officer then returned to Walmart, where he saw Armstrong still drinking the alcohol.

Bryson said he talked to the group of people again before approaching Armstrong and when he finished talking to them, he saw Armstrong still drinking from the container.

Having given him a warning, Bryson said he asked Armstrong to step over to his cruiser, where he promptly arrested him. A check showed Armstrong is only 19 years old, two years below the legal drinking age of 21.

Armstrong, Ellis Street, Vonore, was charged with public intoxication and underage consumption of alcohol.

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