Six people who were already in jail were charged again after they got into two separate fights, according to authorities.

Monroe County Jailer Ethan Freeman said it was March 7 when he heard someone kicking the door of cell 1 and was told an inmate needed to be moved to another cell.

After he moved the inmate, Freeman said he went back to cell 1 and asked inmate Michael Gass why the other inmate needed to be moved, but before Gass could say too much, inmates Edward Hammock and Robert Scruggs came up behind Gass and began to hit him.

Freeman said he went to break up the fight and was attempting to move Hammock out of the cell when Hammock hit him in the rib area several times. Freeman said he had to force Hammock out of the cell and to the ground so he could handcuff him.

Hammock, 42, Gaut Avenue, Sweetwater, was charged with assault on an officer.

On March 10, five more inmates were involved in a fight that sent one inmate to the hospital with an injury, authorities said.

Sgt. Todd Bible said inmates Alexander Craig Crawford, Justin Ray McDaniel, Micah Dean McNabb and Greg Owen McBurnette were all recorded on video repeatedly striking inmate Steve Ward in his face and body, causing Ward at one point to fall and hit a metal table.

But Bible said Ward was not completely fault free in the melee. He said the video showed Ward hitting inmate Brandon Bowie in the face as he sat under the stairwell in cell 2, causing a major injury to his nose.

Video also showed Ward hitting McNabb in his face and body. Bible said Ward’s injuries were enough to send him to the hospital.

Crawford, 22, Three Point Circle, Tellico Plains; McDaniel, 39, Monroe Street, Madisonville; and McNabb, 32, Edgewood Drive, Sweetwater, were all charged with aggravated assault, while McBurnette, 35, Miser Station Road, Louisville, was charged with assault.

Ward, 41, Willow Creek Drive, Madisonville, was charged with two counts of assault.

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