A Sweetwater man was arrested late Tuesday after he allegedly tried to rob a couple, then held them hostage.

Sweetwater Police Officer Jarren Turpienen said it was around 10:20 p.m. when John Davis came to him at the Police Department and told him that Jimiese LeQuann McDermott had approached him and his girlfriend saying he needed a ride home.

Davis told Turpienen they had taken McDermott home, where he told them to come inside the house because he needed a ride to town. But when the couple went inside McDermott’s house, he allegedly told them he did not need a ride and became hostile with the couple.

Davis said McDermott had a gun and hit him in the face with it and that he also hit him with a broom handle and bottle. Turpienen said Davis was bleeding from the bridge of his nose and it was noticeably swollen.

Davis told the officer that McDermott took $22 from him and then tried to get Davis’ girlfriend to take pills while threatening to rape her. Davis said McDermott told him he would never see daylight again, but he and his girlfriend were able to escape when McDermott went into another room.

Turpienen said he and other officers went to McDermott’s home on West Street just before 11 p.m. and told McDermott to come out of the house, using a public address system to talk to him. Instead, it was another man who came out and told them that McDermott was in the house crawling around so they would not see him, according to arrest warrants.

Officers eventually shot tear gas into the house and then McDermott came out and was arrested without incident.

While searching McDermott, Turpienen said he found .56 grams of alleged meth on him.

McDermott had also been wanted by police since Jan. 12 when a woman came to the Police Department and told Officer John Brewster that McDermott had become angry with her when she got a Facebook message from another man and began strangling and assaulting her, claiming he was going to cut her hair off.

The woman told Brewster she was “scared for her life” and Brewster noted that she did have bruises under her throat and the right side of her ribs area.

McDermott, 26, was charged with possession of meth, strong armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, resisting arrest and aggravated assault.

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