A Sweetwater woman was arrested after the car she and four juveniles were in was found to allegedly have pills and drugs in it.

Sweetwater Officer Chris Corona said he was on patrol around 11:30 p.m. Friday when he saw a Silver Toyota Sedan on New Highway 68 with a front headlight not working.

Corona said he tried to stop the car, but it kept going for awhile. When it finally stopped, Corona identified the driver as Tayla Marie Paris and she had four juvenile children in the car with her.

The officer told Paris to get out of the car but she refused, so Corona said he attempted to get her out of the car. When he finally did, Paris tried to get away.

Corona managed to get one cuff on Paris, but she kept trying to pull away. He finally managed to get the other cuff on her.

Corona and Officer Justin White then searched the car, where White found a bag containing a small, plastic container. Inside the container were seven small baggies, which contained a substance believed to be meth.

Corona also found a small, pink container with pills in it in the car, two more bags of suspected meth and two more bags of suspected marijuana.

White said the car also smelled like marijuana.

Paris, 28, Chestnut Street, Sweetwater, was charged with possession of Ecstasy, possession of meth for resale, possession of Oxycodone, two counts possession of Hydrocodone, six counts possession of Alprazolam, two counts possession of Clonazepam, possession of Diazepam, possession of Gabapentin, possession of marijuana, evading arrest, resisting arrest, four counts reckless endangerment and two traffic violations.

Corona said the Department of Children’s Services was called for the juveniles.

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