From a woman lying on the side of the road to a man who allegedly picked up a vacuum cleaner from a shelf and took it to returns, Sweetwater Police ran into all kinds over the weekend.

Officer Kelvin Franco said he was on routine patrol just after 8 p.m. on Friday when he saw a vehicle swerve and cross the center line on High Street. Franco said he turned around to check on the car, but as he did he saw why the car had swerved.

A woman was lying on the side of the road with her bags.

Franco said he stopped and found the woman to be Mona Dotson, 51, West Street, Sweetwater.

Franco said he began to talk to Dotson, asking her what was going on, and he noticed her speech was slurred. He asked her if she was under the influence of anything and she said she had not taken anything but her prescribed medication.

The officer tried to do some field sobriety tests on Dotson, but she had trouble keeping her head steady.

Franco said due to the condition she was in and the danger she presented to herself and others, he took her into custody, charging her with public intoxication.

On Saturday, Officer Brandon Cansler said he went to Walmart, where the loss prevention officer told him about a man taking a vacuum cleaner from its display and walking straight to customer service where he “returned” it.

Cansler said the man was given a Walmart gift card worth $218.40 and he tried to leave with it, but loss prevention stopped him.

The man was identified as Christopher Dixon, 24, County Road 733, Calhoun. He had been banned from all Walmart stores in June 2018.

Cansler said a search of Dixon also turned up a counterfeit $10 bill.

Dixon was charged with theft, criminal trespassing and criminal simulation.

Reported shenanigans continued Sunday when Officer Robert Burris went to the Save-A-Lot on Main Street on a report that a guy was wanting to fight people.

Burris said he arrived around 3 p.m. and saw a man, whom he knew as Gregory Scott Nelson, standing in the parking lot.

Burris asked Nelson what was going on and Nelson reportedly said he wanted to “fight somebody.” The officer said he could smell alcohol coming off Nelson and noted that the suspect acted aggressively toward law enforcement.

Nelson would not turn around and put his hands behind his back and officers had to force handcuffs onto him.

Nelson, 26, Old Highway 68, Sweetwater, was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

And also on Sunday, it was Officer Franco’s turn again.

Franco said he was leaving the Police Department around 7 p.m. to answer a call when a man, who was identified as James (Jamie) McCulloch, came up to him wanting to make a report. After listening to what it was, Franco said he told McCulloch it was a civil matter.

  • McCulloch apparently did not take too well to being told this. Franco said McCulloch told him he was “too much of a pto deal with it.”

The officer said he told McCulloch to leave before he was arrested.

McCulloch allegedly responded by walking out into the street and yelling, “I hope you guys get shot by a bunch of Mexicans!”

Franco said McCulloch was acting irate and yelling so loudly that people at a church could hear him, as well as another officer who was on the other side of city hall.

McCulloch, 41, Glenwood Drive, Sweetwater, was charged with disorderly conduct.

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