Two Madisonville businesses had their licenses to sell beer suspended Monday after video showed them breaking the rules.

The owners of Skyway Market and Tobacco King both appeared before the Madisonville Beer Board at City Hall to hear evidence against them, and Skyway Market was charged with selling beer to someone under 21 years of age, while Tobacco King was accused of selling beer through a drive-thru window.

Both are located on New Highway 68.

Madisonville Police Officer David Wear said he had video of both occurrences and he had used an undercover 20-year-old person to buy beer at Skyway Market on July 1 and then had someone purchase the beer through the window at Tobacco King on July 11.

“The cashier at Skyway Market,” Wear said, “didn’t ask for identification when selling beer and there is an ordinance against selling beer out of a window in Madisonville.”

The owner of Skyway Market, Hitesh Patel, told the board the person who sold the beer was young and inexperienced and his wife was supposed to be there to guide her through it but had gone to the bathroom at the time. He also said he had no idea where the clerk who had sold the beer was at, an admission that really seemed to rile up City Attorney Jerome Melson.

When Patel asked for a period of probation, Melson lit into him, saying, “The board has already voted and given your beer sales a two-week suspension. And if you find out where this clerk is at, you had better call the police and let them know immediately.”

The clerk is identified as Ramilaben Patel.

As for Tobacco King’s transgression, the owner, Kinnakumar Patel, admitted he had sold the beer through the window, but said it was an oversight as it was late at night, he was getting ready to close and a car pulled up and he made the sell without thinking.

He also asked for a period of probation, but once again Melson wasn’t having it.

“The board has voted to suspend your license for two weeks,” he said. “The board can vote again and suspend your license for 30 days or just take it completely. As you’ve been caught doing this before but weren’t charged, we could do that. Do you want us to do that?”

Patel said he didn’t and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

The Beer Board also approved beer sales at the Madisonville Golf Course. The board, which is made up of the Madisonville Aldermen and Mayor, then adjourned and reconvened as the City Commission to hold their monthly meeting.

They voted to renew the contract for two school SRO officers at a cost of $124,618, half of which they will pay while the Monroe County School System will pay the rest.

They also voted to spend $8,937.50 to make the sidewalk in front of City Hall compliant with the Americans with Disability Act.

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