Monroe County School System is once again a Level Five system!

Monroe County Schools has achieved Advancing status, based on multiple achievement and growth factors.

The state’s accountability model is built on multiple indicators that make districts and schools successful, including graduation rates; state test scores and student growth data; English learner performance; low chronic absenteeism and out-of-school suspensions; and how ready students are when they graduate, including through having access to early post-secondary opportunities, industry certifications, military readiness and ACT/SAT composites that qualify for the Tennessee HOPE scholarship.

In addition to the overall district successes, five schools earned Level Five status:

  • Madisonville Middle School;
  • Sequoyah High School;
  • Tellico Plains Junior High School;
  • Tellico Plains High School;
  • Vonore Middle School.

Additionally, the Monroe County School System recognizes Sequoyah High School as a 2019 Reward School.

Reward status is the top distinction a school can earn in Tennessee. Reward schools are those that are improving overall student academic achievement and student growth for all students and for student groups, and they are identified annually.


The Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) measures the impact schools and teachers have on their students’ academic progress. TVAAS is a powerful tool because it measures how much students grow in a year and shines more light on student progress than solely considering their score on an end of year test.

For example, a student who is behind academically may show significant academic growth but not pass the end of year test. Another student may also not pass the end of year test, but not show any growth. The school system added a lot of value to the first student’s academic development, and little value to the second student’s academic development. However, only looking at the end of year test scores would not tell this full story. TVAAS allows educators to consider their students’ achievement (their score on the end of year assessment), as well as their growth (the progress students make year to year).

Editor’s note: See more about TNReady results for both the Monroe County School System and the Sweetwater City School System in an upcoming edition.

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