An Athens woman was arrested Jan. 9 after the car she was in was found to have alleged drugs in it.

Vonore Police Detective Cory Fritts said he was in the area of Highway 360 in Vonore when he saw a Toyota Sedan without any brake lights. After checking the tag on the car and it coming back to a silver Dodge, he pulled the car over.

Fritts said the driver was Burkey Bivens and the passengers were Timothy White and Katie Shattuck. He told them why he had stopped them and noticed Bivens appeared to be under the influence of something.

Bivens reportedly admitted to Fritts his license was suspended and White allegedly said he had a failure to appear in court warrant for his arrest.

Fritts said White was arrested without incident and a Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) trooper was called in to give a field sobriety test to Bivens. Bivens reportedly performed poorly on the test and was subsequently arrested by the trooper for DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Fritts said he then talked to Shattuck who was in the backseat and appeared to be nervous as she allegedly admitted to having needles in glass cases beside her.

Fritts said he checked the case and found a syringe, a restrictive band and a green tube in it. Stuck inside the green tube was a corner cut bag of a blue powdery substance that Shattuck said was meth.

Shattuck then agreed to let her bag be searched and inside a Crown Royal bag, Fritts said he found a prescription bottle of Tramadol that did not belong to her and a marijuana pipe.

Shattuck, 25, County Road 204, Athens, was arrested and charged with possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of Tramadol.

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