Despite his alleged pleas to be shot, a Sweetwater-area man was taken into custody after fighting with a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy late Friday night.

Cpl. Brian Millsaps said it was just before midnight when he got a call of a potential prowler on Forkner Chapel Road.

Millsaps said he was checking behind a house when he heard someone in the woods. The officer walked closer to the woods and saw a man in a white T-shirt, the description he had been given, lying on the ground.

The officer told the man to come out of the woods, but the man refused, saying Millsaps would have to come in and get him. The man eventually became agitated, Millsaps said, and leaped into the air and landed on his stomach on the ground.

Millsaps said the man, later identified as Dustin Blake Patterson, appeared to be on drugs and still refused to come out from the woods. Millsaps continued to tell Patterson to come out, but he refused, saying the officer would have to shoot him and kept talking in weird sentences.

The officer once again told Patterson to come out or that he would have to use his Taser on him. Patterson still refused, so Millsaps shot him in the back with the Taser, but it did not make much difference.

Millsaps then went up to Patterson and told him to put his hands behind his back, but Patterson refused and got up and moved toward Millsaps in a threatening manner, talking gibberish.

Patterson pulled the Taser prongs out and Millsaps said he moved back several feet before he engaged with Patterson and the two ended up on the ground.

Millsaps said Patterson landed on top of him and attempted to bite him on the forehead and face, all while asking Millsaps to shoot him.

Millsaps managed to push Patterson away and used his Taser stun drive to finally subdue him and put handcuffs on him. Other officers then arrived on the scene and they managed to get a struggling Patterson into Millsaps’ patrol car.

Millsaps said his portable radio was damaged during the struggle.

Patterson, 30, was charged with assault on an officer, vandalism under $1,000, resisting arrest, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

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