With Christmas right around the corner, the main thing you worry about is gaining weight and getting sick.

No, don’t claim it’s about gift giving or the reason for the season.

You’re concerned you’re going to get fat and sick over the holidays.

I have good news. Recently it was announced not only can music cure a cold, but if you work out on Friday, you’re good until Monday and can eat whatever you want over the weekend.

How is that possible, you ask? Let’s look at the workout thing first.

Researchers at University of Texas Southwestern claim they have found that exercising “semi-intensely” can have benefits that last for several days. I know what you’re wondering. What exactly is “semi-intensely?”

I don’t know. Despite reading the entire story so you don’t have to (see how much I care), they didn’t say what a “semi-intensely” workout is.

They did say they based their findings on tests they did on rats. Rats are tested on because apparently they’re one cell or chromosome or something away from being human. Or they’re just super cheap and plentiful. Depends on who you ask.

These findings said after rats had a “semi-intense” workout, their metabolism was boosted for 48 hours, meaning it was fast and burned off fat quicker and easier.

Now, those of us who have had a skinny relative/friend (meaning all of us) that ate everything in sight and never gained a pound, a fast metabolism is something we only dream of.

But it seems like all you need to do to get one is exercise!

I know. Hard exercise? Forget that! I don’t mind carrying a few extra pounds. Or more.

Okay, let’s look at something much easier.

Fighting off a cold while listening to your favorite songs.

A study out of Germany (so you know it’s sturdy, if not correct), says listening to music increases the level of antibodies in your body which helps decrease the level of cortisol, a stress hormone.

The study also says jazz and dance music can really fight a cold because they make you get up and dance, I suppose.

But it also said whatever type of music you like can also make a difference because listening to something that makes you happy can decrease the stress hormone that is slowly killing you.

Both of these studies point out the obvious. Of course the benefits of exercise can last a few days. Of course your favorite music will make you get up and dance and, at least for a few minutes, improve your outlook on life.

I’m not the world’s biggest workout maniac, but if I get on the treadmill, the longer I walk the better I feel. Yeah, I’ll be tired, but I do feel better about things. I don’t know if the effects of 10, 15 or 20 minutes of walking in place can last 48 hours, but it gives me an immediate boost and I’m able to chase the cat around the house after she grabs the cap off my water bottle and takes off through the house at 90 miles an hour.

As for music, the therapeutic benefits of playing a song you KNOW was written just for you cannot be overestimated. Whether you’re suffering a broken heart, mad at your boss (or anybody), or just wanting to shred some air guitar (you know what I’m talking about), music can help you escape your life for a few minutes.

And even if you do have an awesome life, there are still times you want to escape it.

Every day isn’t perfect.

Either way, Christmas is coming and you’ll probably put on a few pounds and you’ll have to once or twice find a quiet place to crank up your tunes.

But it’ll soon be over and it’ll be time to start breaking New Year’s resolutions you never really meant to keep.

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