I’ve been a meat eater all my life and never really given it much thought. I grew up eating it, continued to eat it as a young adult and still eat it now at whatever stage of life this is.

I’ve never come close to being a vegetarian, or vegan, whatever the term is now, but I do know that eating a lot of meat isn’t good for most people. There are some who can eat two hamburgers every day for 40 years and never have the slightest health problem, but that wouldn’t do well for most of us.

I’ve never been a vegetable person, so the life of a vegan wouldn’t do me very well. I tend to eat more chicken than anything else, but that’s only considered healthy if it’s lean and unbreaded and I like breading on it way too much.

The quest has been ongoing for many years for what is called a plant based alternative to meat. While there hasn’t been a huge outcry for such a thing, it’s thought that many people, when offered a healthy alternative to regular meat that tasted just as good, would readily drop the old for the new.

There’s been a product called Beyond Burger available for a few years, usually in grocery stores you don’t find in small towns, but it took the fast food world to really light a fire under the idea.

Burger King has been hyping the Impossible Whopper for around a year or so now, with commercials showing people eating the burger and declaring there’s no way it’s not the actual thing, and there is talk McDonalds is experimenting with its own version of a meat free Big Mac.

I haven’t eaten an Impossible Whopper yet. I thought about it one time, but it seemed rather pricey. I doubt it tastes as good as the actors in the commercials claim, but maybe it’s not that bad?

A search on the Internet shows it gets mixed reaction in the real world. One thing I read said it’s alright but nowhere near the real thing. Another said it’s actually pretty good. But a third one said it tastes like wet cardboard. I’m not sure how a person would know what wet cardboard tastes like, but there you are.

But what about the health benefits, the main selling point? Well, according to a study done in Britain, you might want to hit the brakes. The study said these meatless burgers, and meat free bacon products, have more salt in them than a regular sized order of McDonalds fries, and those fries are considered the saltiest things on the face of the Earth.

The study also warned that while the plant burgers don’t contain a lot of what causes problems in meat, they can be very high in calories and fat because while there’s no animals in the burger, they, apparently, use chemicals just like they do in regular meat.

It remains to be seen if this is a trend that will last. Burgers and bacon made from turkey meat has carved out its own little corner in the food market, but it’s not really dominating. Of course, that still uses “real” meat, so you don’t get people too upset.

I suppose in a perfect world, you could have meat without killing animals or ruining your health, but it’s far from a perfect world. One day maybe it will happen, but probably not in our lifetimes.

I can hear the jokes now that fast food burgers don’t contain any meat to start with and some of them do taste like that might be true. Wouldn’t be much of a switch over. One of these days I might try the Impossible Whopper or whatever McDonalds comes up with. I doubt it will convert me, but if it improves my health a little bit, I won’t complain.

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