With the Tennessee men’s basketball team having fallen out of the top five, and all the other teams forgetting what winning is, something needed to come along and put us back near the top.

Turns out our sinful nature did the trick.

WalletHub recently did its annual study of how sinful all of the states are and Tennessee, based on being number one in anger and hatred came in at a solid number five overall.

So, the next time you bite somebody’s head off, or they bite your’s off, you can throw up the number one finger (yes, that one) and yell, “The 2019 mean and hateful champions!”

With the exception of vanity, Tennessee ranked in the top 20 in six out of seven categories. And when it comes to how good we think we look, we were just out of the top 20 at number 22. Come on, people. The next time you look in the mirror, think of your significant other and say, There’s no WAY they could do better than this! Oh yeah!”

The rankings were as follows: 14th in jealousy, 10th in excesses and vices, 14th in greed, 22 in the aforementioned vanity, 19th in laziness and third in lust. We need to work on the vanity and laziness, but when it comes to looking at what’s not our’s and thinking things that would make our mommas cry, we’re only two spots from the top. Start looking at the people around you in an entirely different way and we can make number one next year!

This all adds up to a sin index of 52.42. Nevada, thanks to a healthy dose of greed (not sure why people are so greedy in the desert), came in as the most sinful state with an of 56.99.

If you want live the best life you can, buy some more winter clothes and head for Vermont which was the most righteous state, having a sin index of only 26.89. They had only one to 10 ranking, coming in at ninth for greed.

You may be wondering how this index is made up. Each category has sub categories and those sub categories are worth points. The more points you rack up, the worse your ranking will be.

To break it down even further, Tennessee tied with Alaska and New Mexico for the most violent crimes per capita. Maine was the state you were least likely to suffer a violent attack, probably because for 350 days of the year you’re too busy shoveling snow to jump anybody.

New Mexico was the most jealous state while New Hampshire couldn’t care less if you’re seeing other people.

Wisconsin had the most excessive drinking, which proves some stereotypes are completely true. Utah also gave the thumbs up to a cliché by being the state with the fewest drinkers.

Mississippi had the highest number of people with a gambling problem, which makes sense when you consider that only about 10 people actually live in Nevada. Michigan, which like Maine shovels snow 350 days a year, doesn’t have any time to make bets.

Mississippi was number one again when it came to amount of time spent on adult entertainment sites. Rhode Island, a state I’m pretty sure is made up, spent the least amount of time on adult websites.

Kentucky was the laziest state because there’s nothing to do in the state while Washington was the least laziest because they’re always running to get out of the rain.

WalletHub did say you could look to differing state laws to see why some states are worse than others and that sports gambling is legal in some states and not in others and some states are much fatter than others and so on.

WalletHub has done this study several years running and Tennessee is always in the top 10 and its always because we’re such jerks. Living here on a day to day basis, I can attest that some people are awful while others would do anything they could to help you, but the mean people are usually louder, so they get a lot more attention.

I’m not sure what we could do in our fair state to get out of the top 10. Change on such a massive level usually comes very slowly, so I doubt I’ll see us become a state where we greet everybody with a smile. Your mileage may vary.

If you want to see the study yourself, go to https://wallethub.com /edu/most-sinful-states/46852/ #methodology.

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