If you are planning on moving out of Tennessee in the near future, you’d be in the minority. According to United Van Lines, a lot more people moved into Tennessee in recent times than moved out.

I love a good study as much as the next guy and I assume a moving van company is the best place to study how many people are moving into and out of a state. I mean, you wouldn’t ask McDonald’s how many people are coming and going in a state.

From what I read, United Van Lines used data from everywhere, not just their own business, so it’s a pretty accurate picture. The study shows that more people moved into Vermont than any other state. When it came to loading up a moving van in Vermont, 72 percent of the people were coming versus only 28 percent leaving.

At the other end of the study, New Jersey saw the most people leaving as 67 percent of moving van renters were leaving, compared to only 33 percent coming in.

The New Jersey placement seems like the punchline to a joke. The Garden State, as it’s called, has been the butt of jokes for years. Bruce Springsteen even sang about getting out of the state while you’re young.

But Vermont as the place to be? I’m thinking as hard as I can, but I apparently know nothing about the state. I guess I could look some stuff up, but I’m too lazy. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard what the capital of Vermont is, or even what the major cities are. Is there anybody famous from Vermont? Does it have a large body of water to attract people, or perhaps a giant mountain range?

Considering it’s location in the country, I’d guess it has a lot of snow. And a bunch of hardy people who think 12 inches of snow is a light dusting. A lot of Volvos? People who think Maine is too far north?

Wasn’t that where the original Woodstock was held? Wait, no, that was upstate New York. Any pro sports team? I can’t think of any. Have you ever heard of a college team from Vermont? Why are so many people moving to Vermont?

Tennessee didn’t crack the top 10 or the bottom 10. According to the study, 56 percent of the people renting a moving van were moving into Tennessee versus only 44 percent moving out.

The reasons for moving into and out of Tennessee were broken down as follows: retirement was even as 17 percent of people moved to Tennessee to retire while 17 percent moved away to retire.

When it came to health, 3.14 percent moved here to feel better while 5.58 percent moved away. And, 20.16 percent moved in for family reasons while 25.65 percent moved away to deal with relatives (or get away from them).

The Tennessee lifestyle, whatever it is, attracted 13.09 percent of the moving van drivers while only 4.46 had to get away from our way of living.

The biggest reason for moving to or leaving Tennessee was job related and the numbers were almost even: 58.9 percent said they were coming here for work, while 59.11 percent left here for a job. That’s more than 100 percent, but they probably used some kind of fancy math I don’t understand.

Going by the age of these movers (and shakers), people of a certain age (old) were much more likely to move here while those of another age group (young) were slightly more likely to move here, but those between 45-54 (a fine age group) were taking off by a slightly higher rate.

As for income, if you make more than $150,000, well, you weren’t sticking around, though if you made $100,000-$149,999, you were slightly more likely to be coming in. If you’re poor, making under $50,000 a year, you could go either way.

So, what does this mean? Beats me. People come and go all the time and the reasons are probably widely varied. Truth is most of us never get very far from where we started. If it wasn’t for trees, houses and a couple of hills, I could see the place I grew up from where I live now without squinting.

If you have to go, go. Another truth is that even if you do get out, a large percentage of you eventually end up where you started.

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