Like most of you, I dream of a shorter workweek. Actually, my dreams are much larger. I dream of a two-week work year. You know, instead of two weeks of vacation per year, you work two weeks and get 50 weeks off. And, you get to choose the weeks you work. No reason to work them in a row.

But on a much more basic level, for the small dreamers, there is the dream of a four-day workweek. Monday through Thursday is work time and Friday though Sunday is off time. I know, a lot of people in factories have that already, but they’re working 10 hours a day or more.

Here, we’re referring to 32 hours a week, at the same pay of course, so we’d all get a little bit of a raise, and the restorative rest we get when we have three mornings in a row we don’t have to get up before we’re ready.

This is nothing new. People have been touting the benefits of a four-day workweek since the 1970s, but as we move away from a manufacturing work base, it’s becoming something that people think can actually be done., a website dedicated to helping you (and only you) find a job, recently surveyed 50,000 (!!!) U.S. companies’ job postings and believe they’ve come up with 10 careers that could work easily on just four days a week.

Now, you may or may not work in any of these fields, but don’t lose hope if you don’t see your job here. I’m sure they’re working diligently on replacing you with automation, so let’s see where you might land.

  • Sales: You could probably do this one four days a week. I’ve always heard nobody wants to buy anything on Fridays, so why bother? Also, as I once heard somebody say, in sales your income, theoretically, is unlimited. You could be making a million dollars a day. Get hopping!
  • Computer and IT: I guess if your computer were to tear up on a Friday, you’d just be out of luck.
  • Medical and health: Because, as we all know, nobody EVER gets sick on a three-day weekend. I believe it’s against the law.
  • Customer service: I guess this means either retail or answering the phone in a call center. You know, when your computer dies on a Friday and there’s no one around to fix it.
  • Education and training: I know school kids everywhere love the idea of teachers having a four-day workweek. As for training, I guess if you can’t learn it in four days, you’re never gonna get it.
  • Account/project manager: This sounds like white collar stuff. My collar is kind of an off blue, so I can’t explain this one.
  • Administrative: Is this the bosses? If so, make them work eight days a week. I once heard a song that said it could be done.
  • Accounting and finance: Crunch those numbers a little faster!
  • Marketing: You can hype projects and people in just four days a week. The public isn’t going to care anymore by day five.
  • HR and recruitment: I don’t know what either of those mean. Firing somebody and then finding their replacement, I guess.

A lot of this four-day workweek is going on overseas because we Americans think if you’re not working 80 hours a week, then you’re some kind of lazy loser. Is your health and family really more important than making your boss millions of dollars a year while he pays you $10 an hour? Of course they’re not!

There are also all the stories of people who worked day and night for years on end and suddenly found themselves sitting on a product, or something, that every household had to have and suddenly they could afford a home in a gated community.

Because we know it’s true that to make all your dreams come true all you have to do is work your tail off, live for the company and never complain. Nobody ever went wrong following that path.

I did notice that news gatherer was nowhere on the list of jobs that could be done in a four-day week. That’s OK, because the news waits for no one! Unless you only publish twice a week, then it has to wait a little bit. But it’s worth it!

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