I am sitting here trying to decide what to write about and my mind is blank. 

Well I can't really say my mind is blank, I have about a million things going on but not one thing to write about.

One thing I could tell you about is the Chocolate Fest that was held Saturday at the Grand Vista Conference Center. Kayla and I along with Melissa and Kaylin West went. 

I had never seen so much chocolate in all my life. It was great. 

There was a chocolate drizzled cheesecake that was just heavenly. I would love to have some right now!

There were more than 50 items and we got to sample all of them and then they were auctioned off. The whole event was held to raise money for Senior Citizen's Home Assistance Services of Monroe County. 

I made a chocolate punch bowl cake. It was nothing special and the whole reason I made it was because it was so easy. It is very simple. 

You will need: one box of chocolate cake mix, 2 large boxes of instant pudding, 2 bags of the Heath crumbles (these are found in the same isle as the cake mix), a large tub of Cool-Whip. 

You make the box of instant chocolate cake just like the directions say, then you make two of the large boxes of instant chocolate pudding (put one box per bowl). When the cake is done, you crumble half the cake in the bottom of a large bowl. Pour one bowl of the instant pudding over the cake, then you pour a bag of Heath crumbles over that. Repeat these steps with the remaining cake, pudding and Heath. Top it off with the Cool-Whip and enjoy. 

The pudding makes the cake really moist. It's not very pretty but it is very good. 

After the Chocolate Fest we drove into Maryville. We stopped and looked at some wedding dresses. There were some pretty ones there but none that Kayla really liked. 

We are having to buy another wedding dress for Kayla because the one we have is too little now. So if you are looking to buy one, I have a brand new wedding dress for sale, size 14. Give me a call. 

After that we went to Hastings and then Hobby Lobby. We had a great day. Melissa and Kaylin are some fun girls to hang out with. 

We ended our day at Ryans. What a great day. It started with chocolate and ended with steak. What can I say? We love to eat!

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