Kayla has decided to sit out this session at STAR.

STAR is a therapeutic riding academy for special needs children. Kayla has volunteered there for five years. She goes with Melissa Kinton and I keep Melissa's kids Zeb and Taylor.

I am so glad Melissa shares her babies with me. You hear me whine all the time about how my kids are growing up and they don't want to play with me anymore. Well Zeb and Taylor like to play.

Since Kayla is not going to STAR and Melissa lives in Maryville, if her husband Will gets home from work in time, then the kids stay home with him and I don't get to see them.

It had been two weeks since I had seen them and I was starting to have withdrawals.

Melissa came to my house Saturday and we took Zeb to the Jump-N-Shack. If you don't know what that is, it's located inside the Sweetwater Flea Market and it a huge area full of those bouncy blow-up things.

You can pay to jump for thirty minutes or an hour. Melissa decides to do thirty minutes.

We get in there and there's a huge pirate ship, a crayon house, an obstacle course type thing and a huge slide.

Melissa starts out with Zeb and I sit with Taylor. At first Zeb was a little skeptical about it but he soon got over it. He was dragging her all over the place. I could see on her face that she needed a break so we traded places.

The slide was the most fun. I loved it!

Zeb and I bounced in the pirate ship, we slid down the slide and we bounced in the crayon house but while we were in there Zeb hit his head on my knee and decided he didn't want to bounce with me anymore. So Melissa and I traded places again.

I was ready to trade. I had no idea how much energy it took to bounce. That was more than my almost 34-year old body could take.

I felt like I had run a marathon. I was breathing hard and my legs felt like they were made of jelly. I don't know how anyone could do that for an hour!

We had lots of fun and I hope we will do it again soon.

Happy birthday old lady

Last time, I told you all about my older/younger sister Angie and how people seem to think she is my mother. She turned 32 Saturday.

We haven't always been very close but I am glad we are now. She's my sister and my best friend and I love the time we spend together. We have so much fun.

Until June she will be only be one year younger than me. So when she calls me her older sister, I can say by only one year!

You know, when I think on it, it's not so bad being born first. I mean, I got all the brains and she got what was left over!

Happy birthday Angie, I love you!

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