Sunday we went to Taco Bell/KFC after church and I found myself waiting in line in the rest room. Somehow the subject of money came up.

There was this sweet little lady in there that was probably in her late seventies or early eighties and she said, "I went to Kmart last week and my items came to $10.25. I gave the little girl $20.25. The girl said I can't make change from this. I said to her, Honey where did you go to school? She said she went to ... High School (I'm leaving that out on purpose). I told her if my total is $10.25 and I gave you $20.25 you owe me back $10."

I had a similar experience last week. I went to a local establishment and got an ICEE. My total came to $2.50. I handed the girl $5 and she scrambled around on her computer register for a few minutes and opened the window up and told me her computer went blank and since my total was $2.50 and I gave her $5, how much change should I get back.

I said $2.50. She said, "I know it was $2.50 but how much change do you get back?" I said, "I get back $2.50."

These are not even hard numbers. Elementary age children should know the answer to these problems.

Are computers making us dumb? Do we think we don't need to know how to do certain things anymore because we have computers to figure it out for us or because our phone has an app for it.

Here's something else that drives me crazy. I love to text, don't get me wrong. I text all the time but I spell out every word in my text. I might use OMG or IDK but other than that unless I am trying to make a long message shorter I text it all out.

Words like yur (your), yu (you), Imma (I'm going to), wiff (with), and shud (should) just to name a few.

Also, why do they mix capital letters and lower case letters in one word? It hurts my eyes to look at it. Is tHis EaSy fOr YoU To rEaD? No, it probably isn't.

Maybe I'm just getting old. I did turn 34 Sunday.

I can't help but think this is hurting our kids. These kids are our future. It is up to us to help them be strong, smart adults. Are we doing that?

What if ten years from now the headline of the newspaper said SwEEtWatEr cOupLe CauGht WiFF drUgS? Would you read that? Could you read that? I don't think I would or even could!

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