After nine weeks Little Nelson finally got his cast taken off last Tuesday. He has actually not been able to use his hand for 11 weeks because he wore a brace until the surgery and then it was bandaged for 10 days after.

It has been a pain to have to wrap that arm every morning before he took a shower so I'm happy that I don't have to do that anymore. Nelson is happy that he can finally move his hand again.

He still has to wear the brace for a little while but only when he's at school or in a situation where he could get hurt easily.

He's happy to be able to get the cast off but the thing that he is most excited about is that he gets to go back to guitar lessons.

We have to go back in a month to see if he is going to need therapy but the doctor said he didn't think he would and I'm happy about that.

I almost passed out when I started getting the bills. The first thing I got was an Estimation of Benefits from my insurance company. I didn't read it too close. I kind of glanced at it because I was in a hurry and went on. I saw surgery and $1,243 and I thought, "Well that didn't cost as much as I thought it was going to."

So a week or so later I got another EOB and this time I read it completely. It was from the surgery center and it was for $13,126 for the surgery and $999 for supplies. $999 for supplies! That is crazy!

I took out the other EOB I had and read it and noticed this time that it had the doctors name on it so the $1,243 was just for the doctor.

The first thing that crossed my mind was, I'm in the wrong business. I wonder if it's too late for me to go back to school and become a doctor?

Then I thought about all the stuff they have to put up with from patients and their families and changed my mind. I may not make $1,243 for a couple hours work but I like my job most of the time. I guess I'll stay where I am until somebody tells me to go.

After all the EOB's came in it is going to end up costing about $22,000 for the surgery. I could buy myself a Mustang with that. I have always wanted a convertible. 

Oh well, the things we do for our children. All I have to say is thank goodness for insurance!

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