I always knew I would never win a "Mother of the Year" award or anything like that but I did think I was doing pretty well. I always listen to them when they complain and they complain a lot.

Well, Thursday I questioned how good of a parent I really was.

In August Nelson hurt his wrist playing football. We went to the emergency room and got it checked out. They said it was just sprained and told him to wear a brace for a couple days and yes, you can go back to practice.

So he complained every now and then about it hurting when he picked something heavy up with it. I just told him to take it easy on it and let it heal.

He played his last game in November about two weeks before Thanksgiving. He tackled a boy pretty hard and came off the field holding his wrist. He said it got better and he went back to play. Since that day he complained a lot more about it hurting. Again, I just thought he wasn't letting it heal all the way.

Thursday he went to Dr. Gettinger for his regular check-up. He mentioned to the doctor that his wrist hurt and they did an X-ray. Well the X-ray showed a bone in his wrist was broken into two pieces.

I was shocked. I thought, what kind of mother lets her child go around with a broken wrist for weeks and not do anything about it. I mean it's a broken bone! Shouldn't I have known something was wrong?

Dr. Gettinger said it was past the point of just putting a cast on it and we need to go to a hand specialist.

Oh my goodness! What have I done?

Until we go to the new doctor, Nelson is in a splint and a brace night and day. He can't move his thumb or his finger but the biggest problem is that he is right-handed and guess which one is broken? Yep, you got it. It's his right hand.

Nelson is not a very coordinated person when he has two hands and now that he is down to one, life is hard to say the least. He can't button his pants, shirts or tie his shoes. It's a circus act trying to get him a shower every morning. I'm going to have to get up 30 minutes earlier every morning just so we can get ready in time.

I may not be "Mother of the Year," but I think I will deserve some kind of award by the time this is over with.

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